Thursday, March 13, 2008

What? No delete?

Today I was shocked to learn I could not delete a simple web page connected to my domain on Yahoo's domain registration site.

Recently, I moved my blog from a shared hosting site to blogger. I had been using it to learn some web design, and now I've decided it was more important to spend the extra time learning how to write. Leave the graphic stuff behind for now, and just point the ol' domain at blogger, which is easy to do.

Except the yahoo CNAME forwarding will forward but not Which is lame, because I don't like www. because it makes no sense.

While experimenting with just having a simple page do a manual redirect as a kludge, I learned two things about the Yahoo system:
  1. They do not allow you to edit your simple landing page for your domain
  2. Once generated they do not allow you to delete it.
Check for yourself.

I'm sorry, but I do not care who you are. You can make people jump hoops to delete things that might mess up functionality. But not allowing deletion? I'm sorry, this is just stupid.

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