Monday, March 17, 2008

tickets != tasks

My company uses trac, which so far, is my favorite project management tool that I've used. It gets out of the way for the most part. Really it is perfect for a group of code monkeys. But it is missing something very important - scheduling.

The basic unit of Trac are tickets, assigned to milestones. This works well when it comes to reporting problems, but also pretty nice when you need to see the issues you are solving. That's the core of a ticketing system. Issues happen, you write a ticket. A series of issues tracked by milestone do a good job of saying this is what happened, what will happen, what we want. It does not, however, say when anything will happen.

To say when, it's better to start with an issue, and then try to define small steps that get you going. This seems like a natural one-to-many ratio of issues to tasks, and that's true. But the real problem lies with the fact you rarely can take the one issue and accurately define the many tasks. As time flies, your many will grow, and change, as you learn things, specs change, whatever. Ultimately it is very hard to embed task analysis inside of an issue-focused system.

While tasks start their lives once someone is taking on an issue, the culmination of tasks needs to be seen in the perspective of time. In fact, I would also like to see things like milestones in such a calendar as well. A project calendar like this would spot the when of a project. And leave the tickets and milestones to simply define the what happened.

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